Interactive Infographics

Welcome to the CQ+ Interactive Infographics Toolkit – your passport to a world of cultural intelligence! Dive into our repository of 20 captivating interactive infographics, specially designed to empower adult learners on their journey to developing cultural acumen.

Explore the Toolkit’s diverse array of topics:

  • My Cultural Bias: Embark on a self-discovery journey as you assess your own cultural bias and explore ways to greater tolerance.
  • My Culture, My Perspective: Uncover how your cultural roots and values shape your lens on the world, shedding light on the intricacies of intercultural interactions.
  • Cultural Awareness and Appreciation: Discover the rich tapestry of human cultures and gain unique insights and wisdom from across the globe.
  • Intercultural Partnerships: Equip yourself to thrive in multicultural environments, building your ability to communicate, act, and collaborate effectively in the midst of diversity.

Embark on this enriching voyage with our interactive infographics, and let’s unravel the secrets of cultural intelligence together! 

My Cultural Bias

Why are we biased? What are the factors that contribute to cultural prejudice? This series of infographics focuses on the concept of cultural intolerance, outlining the impact of negative and positive stereotypes on individuals and communities. 

My Culture, My Perspective

Multicultural environments are crucial for social and individual growth. This is because culture and cultural norms shape our perspectives. This series of infographics highlights the social impact that different cultural perceptions have on individuals and communities.

Cultural Awareness and Appreciation

Cultural awareness and expression uphold social justice and form the basis of equal and harmonious societies. This series of infographics focuses on the importance of cultural expression and how it breaks down barriers to promote cultural connection and solidarity.

Intercultural Partnerships

Every culture in Europe and around the world has subcultures and cultural groups in its own community or region that we may not be aware of. This series of infographics helps to learn more about the different cultures in Europe and how they have enriched the cultural and economic life of another country.