Pilot in Ireland

Spectrum Research Centre in Ireland were thrilled to implement the CQ+ project outputs:

CQ+ Toolkit of Interactive Infographics
CQ+ In-Service Training Programme.

These events were held in September with relevant stakeholders. Participants expressed their enthusiasm about the CQ+ training experience. They stated that the training provided insights into recognising unconscious biases, teaching techniques that promote inclusivity, and creating environments that celebrate diversity. The events encouraged learners to reflect on their own cultural assumptions and prejudices, fostering a new level of empathy and understanding.

The pilot events were a resounding success in furthering the goals of the CQ+ project. By equipping adult learners and educators with the tools and knowledge to promote cultural awareness, the project is taking significant strides towards building a more inclusive and culturally sensitive society. These events not only showcased the power of technology and training but also the potential for positive change when it comes to respecting and celebrating our differences. As the project continues to grow and evolve, it promises to be a beacon of hope in fostering cultural understanding.

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