Teacher Training in Berlin 2023

Within the framework of the CQ+ project, our educators from Croatia spent three days in Berlin attending a training program for Front-line Adult Educators, aimed at reducing the issue of polarization in Europe and providing support to educators in developing their cultural intelligence and tolerance for diversity. Our participants best summarized our experience and everything we learned as follows:

“Over the past three days, we have conducted numerous workshops on the topic of cultural intelligence and polarization in schools. It was interesting and intensive, with many discussions and debates. I will apply certain things in my teaching, especially creating a safe space in the classroom and among colleagues.” – Elizabeta

“I am happy that this project has produced quite good lesson plans that you can easily download and share with your students. We hope that these lesson plans and this project will contribute to making this world a better place. In the CQ+ project, we produced interactive infographics for their implementation in the classroom. Our ultimate goal? To establish cultural intelligence as a fundamental skill in the adult education curriculum! We firmly believe that by providing materials that focus on different methods, multiple sources, and practical tools, we enhance the role of teachers as guides in lifelong learning.” – Mirna

You can see the entire conversation at the following link: https://www.linkedin.com/showcase/cultural-quotient/

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